A Little History
Surburban Whitetail Managment of North
Georgia, Inc. (SWMNGA) was formed in
December, 1999 to help local landowners,
communities, and governments in need of
deer reduction deal with whitetail deer
overpopulation problems in a safe, natural,
and humane manner.  SWMNGA is based on
similar whitetail deer management groups
around the nation and is designed to act as a
tool for the Georgia Department
of Natural Resources (GDNR) deer reduction
Organizations such as SWMNGA have
been working successfully with property
owners and governements for as long as 20
years in states such as Pennsylvania,
Minnesota, Virginia
, and New Hampshire.  
A Little More About What We Do
The mission of SWMNGA is to reduce to manageable size and maintain the population of whitetail deer in several North Georgia
counties targeted by the Georgia Department of Natural Resources (GDNR) for reduction: Dekalb, Gwinnett, Rockdale, Fulton, Forsyth,
Hall, Fayette, Henry, Douglas, Cobb, Walton, Dawson, Barrow,and Cherokee counties. The focus of SWMNGA is to harvest antlerless
deer during the regular hunting season using our allotted big game tags. Acting in cooperation with a state game biologist and the GA
DNR, we will provide individual property owners, homeowners' associations and other urban dwellers with a year-round, site-specific
management program.  Our programs are designed to minimize deer-related damage to ornamentals and property, reduce deer-vehicle
collisions and lower the threat of Lyme disease and other diseases that can be transmitted by deer or their parasites.
Welcome to SWMNGA, Inc.
Suburban Whitetail Management of North Georgia
SWMNGA, Inc. is a fully insured not-for-profit organization specializing in  providing a FREE
service to area property owners experiencing problems with expanding whitetail deer
herds by deploying highly qualified bowhunters using portable tree stands where hunting
can be performed from the safety of an elevated position.
© 2001 SWMNGA, Inc.
SWMNGA Supports Georgia Hunters for the Hungry
SWMNGA donates over 90% of deer harvested to Georgia's Hunters for the Hungry.   In 2010 hunters across
Georgia donated 25,228 pounds of venison to the Food Bank system of Georgia and fed more than 126,140
hungry Georgians. Georgia Hunters for the Hungry continues to provide a way for hunters to address hunger
throughout Georgia and to help their fellow Georgians in a time of need.  Last season, SWMNGA donated 71
deer to local food banks across north Georgia.  Assuming 50lbs per deer, Suburban Whitetail of North Georgia,
Inc. donated a total of 3,550lbs of meat across the state of Georgia during the 2012-2013 deer season!